Sculpture Navale #2

2019 – Hamburg / Nantes
ftts + das Archipel + collectif mit + Studio Flex

ffts spent in the summer 2019 one month in Hamburg „on board“ of the art project and floating platform Archipel. In this time we worked as collectives and artists, on a floating library, named Bibliothek der Zukunft: a place where people are coming together, building, negotiating, participating to different form of culture-making, exchanging knowledge and experimenting ways to live and work with others. As part of the library ftts arranged a printing workshop, that was run with the children of the neighborhoods.

In the following text ftts is reflecting about the time we spent on the waters of Hamburg-

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When: April – Oktober 2019
Places: Honigfabrik (Hamburg), Das Archipel (Hamburg), l’Esclain (Nantes)
Supported from / Unterstützt von:
Fonds PERSPEKTIVE für zeitgenössische Kunst & Architektur des Bureau des arts plastiques des Institut français, gefördert durch das französische Kulturministerium und das Goethe-Institut
Bezirksamt Hamburg Mitte
Kinder Helfen Kindern e.V.
SAGA GWG Stiftung Nachbarschaft
Thomas Gruner
Eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Hamburger Architektur Sommers 2019.